A Creative Team

The Good Will Engine Company is the brain child of a creative and visionary team of local artists and designers who have deep roots in the city and are seeking to create a lodging experience that captures Providence, Rhode Island’s uniquely passionate and often irreverent soul.

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Nick is an artist and designer who crafts leather jewelry and clothes, urban furniture, and metal sculpture.

He feels that in order for artists to prosper they cannot work in isolation- they need to connect with resources such as space, materials, and supplies. Most importantly, they need to connect with each other.

These sentiments, combined with Nick’s interest in Jane Jacob’s idea of the commons and his personal experiences as an artist led him to co-found the Steel Yard with Clay Rockefeller in 2001.

Nick has continued to create and nurture creative communities by founding Providence-based arts incubators and venues including Fete Music Hall.

Photo of Nick Bauta
Photo of Kassie


Kassie’s background consists of art, education, and +15 years experience in the Restaurant & Bar Industry.

Raised in New York and spent the last 10 years in Portland, Oregon where she owned a Preschool inspired by Montessori and Reggio Emilia. Her philosophy is “it takes a village.” Her lessons in the Preschool were centered around storytelling, art, music, composting, plants, cooking, tending to our inner well being and the Earth. Her passion is community, environment, and involvement. Kassie’s organized communal gatherings were always paired with her homegrown food & herbs, sourdough bread, tea blends, and herbal infusions. Kassie is enchanted with the entire environment that fosters COMMUNITY. Togetherness, sharing music, ideas, space, conversation is everything to her – food and drink is the catalyst. It just made sense she found herself at The Good Will Engine Company, a place that envelops all of these passions.